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Do you feel trapped?...

There is hope. 

The word Anxiety brings up different emotions for different people. For some there is instant shame, an unwelcome understanding, hopelessness or fear. For others, there's confusion around what exactly anxiety is and what it is that their loved ones are suffering with. Anxiety is misunderstood both by those who deal with it and those who watch others deal with it. 

There are so many misconceptions. Doctor's diagnose and prescribe medication without even blinking. Most of them have likely never experienced anxiety themselves. Often, once someone has been diagnosed, they see the problem as outside of themselves; something that at best, they can learn to manage and live with. 

Being someone who has suffered from anxiety, I know first hand what it feels like; the sense of powerlessness, hopelessness, fear of the future, confusion and overwhelm - anxiety is not something I'd wish upon my worst enemy. 

I remember when I first began experiencing anxiety and realizing that if a person hadn't experienced anxiety before, THEY HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS GOING THROUGH. None. Feeling alone in it was almost as bad as the actual anxiety.

Anxiety is a dysfunctional response to fear and you CAN overcome anxiety. You can reduce the levels of stress and the perceived threat in your body back to zero. It requires willingness, knowledge and consistency. I have done so and have helped many other to do so as well. 

What Will I Learn?

• What Anxiety is and Where it Comes From
• The Four Steps to Overcoming Anxiety
• The Cycle of Anxiety and What Perpetuates It
• Tools to Use When Your Anxiety is at its Worst
• Open discussion on Medications & Supplements
• Q&A 

Who Should Come?

This workshop is for those suffering with anxiety, parents of those suffering from anxiety and the loved ones of those suffering from anxiety. 

It is important both for those suffering with anxiety and their loved ones to attend (if possible). Well meaning loved ones with the best of intentions can unknowlingly cause more anxiety. Or, they really want to help and don't know how. 

With anxiety being an epidemic in our society, the more people who understand it, the better.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. 
You can have a look here for testimonials from others I've worked with.

Learn more about this mental illness that plagues so many and begin to break free.