Intuition 101 - 9 Tips to Help You Find Your Inner Wisdom

I believe we all intuitively know we are intuitive.  It’s just that our society blindly suffers from thought addiction and as result we steadily disconnect from that solid voice.

Which is where our intuition lives. Behind the chatter and beneath the many layers of knowledge and intellect. When we can put our spoilt Satisfy-Me-Right-Now nature aside and practice patience instead, we are in position to hear that more still voice.

Intuition is something I’ve learned to value A LOT more in recent years.  In the past, it was skepticism and logic that guided me and kept me feeling safe; I trusted in my mind’s ability to analyze, organize and solve. One day it dawned on me that the constant babbling in my mind wasn’t helping and begrudgingly, I accepted that I simply couldn’t figure it out. Much to my surprise, the babbling in my mind stopped and I realized I had another voice; one that travelled with solidity, freedom and a sense of peace previously unknown to me. One that I could only hear if I was prepared to really, really listen.

I don’t presume to have a formula or any emphatic answers but I’d like to share with you what has really helped me when I’m really needing help.

Intuition 101

1)   A quiet mind is essential. You can’t hear your intuition if you’re babbling away up there. Figuring out, analyzing, ruminating, planning and strategizing are all tools of the mind. There’s nothing wrong with any of them individually, the problem is we don’t know life them and constantly have our a live-in roommate - the dialogue in our mind. Find stillness and you will find intuition.

2)   Intuition doesn’t travel with fear or any other emotion. You may feel led to do something that seems risky, uncertain or completely out character but you won’t feel fear. It won’t feel fuelled by any one particular emotion. Peace accompanies intuition.

3)   Intuition is a tool for right now.  I’ve found it most helpful to view my intuition as a present moment compass, not a final destination answer. It’s not a fortune teller or sudden ability to read into the future. I often say “I know this is what I need to do – right now” The ingredients of ‘right now’ can always change.

4)   “Trusting your gut” is a bit of a misnomer. Although our gut is referred to as our second brain and a valuable source of information, it is also where we naturally feel fear and rejection. In many situations to ‘trust my gut’ would be trust fear.

5)   It might feel very out of character for you. That’s ok. Our intuition is not trying to help us be the exact same person, it’s trying to help us grow. 

6)   An unusual but welcomed sense of ok-ness is normal. A strange acceptance of uncertainty is ok. Don’t doubt it.

7)   Be patient. You do always know what you need; it may not be clear right away and often we just need to find some quiet to sense our intuition

8)   You may not always like what your intuition has to say! It may not feel like the easy answer or a risk free option. In fact, it might be painful or difficult and possibly the last thing you want to do.  That’s ok.

9)   Trust the process and trust the timing. If the answer is not clear yet make a decision to stop analyzing and to wait for the decision to make itself known.

Learning to trust my inner compass has brought me strength, confidence and ease. Life feels better knowing I can look within and find direction and purpose. May your intuition shine in your life too!