Life Coaching: Uncover Your BlindSpots

We all have blindspots, including myself. We cannot see into ourselves the way someone else can see into us. We all need someone to help us identify our blindspots.

My goal is to help you do two things; 1) Identify what's holding you back and 2) Teach you how to tap into your own strength to overcome it. 


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I feel like I've come up for a breath of fresh air; I've overcome a few of my most dreaded fears - things that I felt I was drowning and suffering in for so long. I'm starting to feel like my old self again!

Lauren, 24, Teacher

Walking out of her office you will feel like a whole new person and it's the best feeling ever! She'll help you shine the light to get through the darkness in your life.

Trish, 29, Entrepreneur, Behaviour Therapist

Feeling stuck? Wanting More? 

A blindspot is the reason you're unable to see why you're stuck in a particular area in life. It's why you're forever in unsuccessful relationships or why you're forever struggling to lose weight or why it's so difficult to make changes to your routine. Wanting to quit your job and being unable to, or wanting to start a company and instead of actually doing it, you find yourself talking or complaining about it for years... all because of your blindspots. 

Blindspots occur because of the nature of our brains - no one is immune to it. Our brains desire to be as efficient as possible is the very thing that ensures we'll keep seeing the same things again and again... and missing the same things again and again.

In order to successfully move forward in life, we need to understand what's in our way. Our blindspots have to begin to come into our line of sight in order for us to experience breakthrough or transformation.


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