True Strength

This month it's about practicing true strength. Pick one of the 7 qualities listed in the blog and do a brutally honest inventory of well you fare in that particular department. From that, create a new intention. (Before we can see change, we have to be real!) For example, if you choose 'Strength isn't Afraid of the Truth', write a paragraph or two about how real you are with yourself and with the people you care about. Would your friends and family say your real? What do you think about being honest with yourself - is it something that you've striven for in the past? If not, how come? From there create an intention - "I want to see the fruits of courage and honesty in my life this month" or "I'm going to practice being honest this month with so&so."  

July - Our True Self

What does that mean to you?

To me, it simply means the 'me' that exists when my mind chatter ceases. Eckhart Tolle refers to this incessant mind chatter as our Obnoxious Roommate. (Great description! That annoying voice in our hear that often sabotages us!) 

When we get behind our mind chatter, our true self is revealed. Some people call the 'True Self' intuition, some people call this God and same call it our Higher Self.

I practice meditation, mindfulness and yoga continually be able to hear my true self and when I do, it's more of a knowing than it is something I hear audibly. They are always quite profound experiences, where I know without a doubt something I should or shouldn't do.  

I still have a shit ton of mind chatter though! It takes consistent practice to silence the mind and hear ourselves.  Over the years, I've gotten much better at quieting my mind down so that I can feel/hear my true self. At times it comes easily and at times, no matter how hard I try, my mind is just too noisy and will not shut up! (Fear usually causes this) 

Anyway, I believe everyone has had one of those experiences where they hear their intuition; they have a solid, unexplainable knowing. And I believe we can all have more of those experiences. We can live more closely connected to our intuition. 

My challenge this month is stay close to that voice. To notice as soon as my mind gets chatty and to bring myself back to my true nature or my true self. To listen more and to think less. I'll be practicing lots of yoga to keep this up as well as be more committed to my meditation practice. 

Choose something that works for you. Perhaps yoga? Perhaps downloading a meditation app and giving that a shot. I've heard great things about HeadSpace and Breathe. Or maybe you have another way of quieting your mind down. I believe the biggest help in quieting the mind down is recognizing that it's possible. It's possible to have a quiet, completely aware mind. Not only is it possible, it's an incredible feeling. 

My hope for you all is that you have that experience this month ❤️

Leave your comments below!! 

June - Staying Connected To Yourself

This month's challenge centres around staying better connected to ourselves. What does that mean?! Simply that we feel whole and in tune with ourselves. We feel like all parts of ourselves are aligned and clarity, confidence and courage are the immediate result.

It's simple to connect with ourselves; sometimes it's just so simple that it passes us by. What's key for me is that I'm intentional with planning and savouring these moments. Otherwise, it's easy for me to get caught up with my to-do lists, goals and day-to-day life.

Sometimes we connect to ourselves consciously and other times it's completely unconscious; we don't even know why, but suddenly we just feel better about life. We feel more in tune, more grounded and more clear.  

There are a multitude of ways in which we can connect to ourselves. It can be through writing and reflection, through visuals arts, through music, through cooking - through anything that has our mind become still and our attention be fully engaged in the present moment.

I'm grateful that I've been a writer since a very young age and still to this day feel a little off if I don't wake up and spend some time writing. That certainly keeps me feeling connected to myself on a regular basis. But I'm wanting more right now!! Im wanting to feel my core and to tap into my strength! I'm wanting to sense my resilience and my inner knowingness. And so, I've got to be more intentional about it! One thing that has always been great for me is having an epsom salts bath, with my favourite music playing in the background and the aroma of lavender wading through the air. It's just me and my music. Another activity that has always had the power to have me feel instantly connected with myself is to watch the sunset or the sunrise. 

What are your favourite practices for connecting with yourself? I'd love to hear about how you unwind and feel grounded. Follow Artful Thinking on Facebook and leave a comment! 

May - Simplicity

For May, Simplicity is the word. Keep it simple Rach. Don’t question it, don’t analyze it, don’t try and figure it out. Let it unfold and enjoy the simplicity of the moment. This applies to this man I met – "Rachael, stay out of your head!" It also applies to the growth of Artful Thinking. I’m just getting used to writing and putting myself out there to whoever wants to read it. I really need to remember to keep it simple. Even as I’m writing this now – my internal dialogue is saying, don’t analyze it, don’t try and perfect it, let it unfold. I've written it on my fridge and put on alarm on my phone that says "Keep it Simple" - I like to have reminders. 

A little excerpt I read on simplicity:

"Bow to that which is simple. You will find answers to your most complex issues and those questions that seem to defy the possibility of an answer" 

I love that! And I know it to be true. It's when our minds are quiet that we can hear our gut. I've experienced this countless times! I just need to remember to keep it simple.