June - Staying Connected To Yourself

This month's challenge centres around staying better connected to ourselves. What does that mean?! Simply that we feel whole and in tune with ourselves. We feel like all parts of ourselves are aligned and clarity, confidence and courage are the immediate result.

It's simple to connect with ourselves; sometimes it's just so simple that it passes us by. What's key for me is that I'm intentional with planning and savouring these moments. Otherwise, it's easy for me to get caught up with my to-do lists, goals and day-to-day life.

Sometimes we connect to ourselves consciously and other times it's completely unconscious; we don't even know why, but suddenly we just feel better about life. We feel more in tune, more grounded and more clear.  

There are a multitude of ways in which we can connect to ourselves. It can be through writing and reflection, through visuals arts, through music, through cooking - through anything that has our mind become still and our attention be fully engaged in the present moment.

I'm grateful that I've been a writer since a very young age and still to this day feel a little off if I don't wake up and spend some time writing. That certainly keeps me feeling connected to myself on a regular basis. But I'm wanting more right now!! Im wanting to feel my core and to tap into my strength! I'm wanting to sense my resilience and my inner knowingness. And so, I've got to be more intentional about it! One thing that has always been great for me is having an epsom salts bath, with my favourite music playing in the background and the aroma of lavender wading through the air. It's just me and my music. Another activity that has always had the power to have me feel instantly connected with myself is to watch the sunset or the sunrise. 

What are your favourite practices for connecting with yourself? I'd love to hear about how you unwind and feel grounded. Follow Artful Thinking on Facebook and leave a comment!