May - Simplicity

For May, Simplicity is the word. Keep it simple Rach. Don’t question it, don’t analyze it, don’t try and figure it out. Let it unfold and enjoy the simplicity of the moment. This applies to this man I met – "Rachael, stay out of your head!" It also applies to the growth of Artful Thinking. I’m just getting used to writing and putting myself out there to whoever wants to read it. I really need to remember to keep it simple. Even as I’m writing this now – my internal dialogue is saying, don’t analyze it, don’t try and perfect it, let it unfold. I've written it on my fridge and put on alarm on my phone that says "Keep it Simple" - I like to have reminders. 

A little excerpt I read on simplicity:

"Bow to that which is simple. You will find answers to your most complex issues and those questions that seem to defy the possibility of an answer" 

I love that! And I know it to be true. It's when our minds are quiet that we can hear our gut. I've experienced this countless times! I just need to remember to keep it simple.