About ArtfulThinking 

Here you will find Western and Eastern Philosophies merged in a logical, useful and life changing way.  That is essentially the crux of Artful Thinking. We embrace the western mentality of striving for success, expanding our mind and using our brains probably a little too much; while also aligning with deeply liberating principles of the East; learning to be at peace with what is, cultivating love and compassion within our hearts and using our brains a lot less.  We believe in finding balance between thinking and not thinking. Both are requirements of a joyful life!  We must be aware enough to recognize an unhelpful way of thinking and learn to think in a new way, and, we must find stillness to experience peace, joy, connection and strength.

Everyone creates their lives; some do so deliberately and some do so by accident. Be Deliberate! 

About Rachael 

I would consider myself a slightly odd mix of introvert and extrovert; kind of  cool in some ways, kind of a proud nerd in others. I'm someone who tries to simplify life by looking at complex topics. My baseline belief is that life should be great! It should be fun, it should be fulfilling and it should be exciting. We only have one after all. I love learning about anything really; from how to speak Spanish, to history, to human behaviour, to how to paint (I'm still a terrible painter)  I also seek out new adventures probably a little too often! I strive to be an empowering voice that encourages people to live radically exceptional lives. My favourite things in life are bodies of water, music and coffee :) 

The Artful Thinker journey began when a psychiatrist friend of mine asked me if I could teach one of his patients suffering with anxiety how to meditate. I did, and that led to more than I ever could have imagined.  I soon found myself doing full-time one-on-one coaching and counselling in which I aimed to help people overcome a variety of obstacles and challenges that were getting in the way of their fulfillment in life.  Using the knowledge that I'd gained over the course of my own life, I was successful and able to assist many people in transforming their lives.

 I realized that the approach I was using was a rare and necessary one.

The proof was in the pudding; it was obviously helpful and more and more people wanted to work with me. I encouraged people to not only go after the life they wanted, but to connect with themselves while doing so. I believe that this is the only way to true fulfillment. I combined basic principles of cognitive therapy, neuroscience and eastern philosophy and strove to empower people with knowledge that they could apply to their life in whatever way they saw fit. After about 5 years of one-on-one work my goals morphed and I decided that I wanted to be able to connect with more people.  I wanted to do something bigger; something that could touch many more lives and went far beyond me. There,  Artful Thinking was born. 

My vision with Artful Thinking is that it become a platform where all sorts of useful, practical and easy to apply information is gathered; a platform where others can submit their thoughts and others can host workshops and retreats. The only theme I want to remain consistent is that it's equal parts thinking and not thinking; Mind and body; knowledge and stillness; information and creativity; ambition and mindfulness. 

Lots of love,