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Costa Rica - Yoga & Self-Love

Women Only || February 11-18th, 2017

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Cabarete - Surf & Yoga

A Networking Event for Young Entrepreneurs || April 1- 8th, 2017

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Travelling to new places provides new stimulation for our brain - a break from the ordinary and repetitive nature of our lives. That new stimulation is a prime opportunity to teach our brains something new. It’s the ideal time to implement a new belief system or let go of an old one. The quiet calm in your mind can lend itself to a deep knowing or understanding that goes far beyond your thinking mind. We are naturally more aware of our intuition. 


The intention for all retreats is to use the power of the present moment to create a brand new way of thinking and being in the world. Be it a belief or limitation around yourself, relationships, money or health, a backdrop from somewhere around the world will certainly accelerate your progress.