Small groups, practical and useful information, always delivered in an easily digestible way.  Expect to leave workshops with tools to implement right away.   


  • Anxiety Bootcamp - You Don't Need To Live With Anxiety! Sunday Oct 1st 4:30 - 8:30pm                                                               Yoga Village - 240 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto                                       $65pp or 2ppl for $100  More info/Register here.
  • Mindfulness and Mediation - 8 Tools For Everyday Living Sunday October 15th -  4pm - 6pm                                                     Yoga Village- 240 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto                                 $30pp or 2ppl for $50 More info/Register here


Have a look below to see various workshop offerings! 

Madly in Love With Me

The Magic of Self-Love 

Ladies... this one is for you. If you find yourself doubting, worrying, criticizing or judging, then you have a whole well of untapped confidence and power waiting inside of you. Haven't you ever wondered why some women (women that you're way smarter than, prettier than or more successful than) seem to effortlessly ooze with confidence? Learn a few simple mind tricks and the same effortless ooze can be yours. This isn't a day where you'll spend hours dissecting your past. Instead, you will learn what confidence actually is and how easily it can replace all your doubts. Knowledge really is power. 

Mindfulness and Meditation  

8 Tools for Daily Living

Whether you're a sworn skeptic, slightly curious or someone who already practices Meditation & Mindfulness, this workshop is sure to provide insight, understanding and tools that are easy to implement. We'll explore what's happening in the brain when you're being mindful, how that applies to your everyday life and why you would definitely (absolutely-certainly-no-doubt-about-it) want to practice mindfulness regularly. You'll leave with a clear understanding, both intellectually and experientially, as to what Mindfulness/Meditation is and why *your* life wants it.

Anxiety Bootcamp

As the title implies! Living with anxiety, which is often the equivalent of surviving, is not living. We want you to thrive! Learn the 4 steps to overcoming anxiety, what anxiety is exactly, what's happening in your body, and how to begin living your life free of anxiety. You deserve to feel peaceful wherever you go and with whoever is around. That IS possible! This is a workshop where you will feel understood. Take your first steps toward an anxiety free life today! 

Living By Design

Learn to create your life piece and piece and how to make it happen. This isn't some sort of hocus-pocus workshop - this is real talk, straightforward how-to's, getting out of your own way and finally doing what needs to be done to achieve what it is you want in life.  In this workshop we will explore how your thoughts impact  not only your every day, but also the future you are moving towards. We will look at what excites you, what your values are and how to practically align that with the future you want to create.  Expect to leave feeling as though your realized goals are so close you can almost touch them. 

Tools for Transformation

There are certain indisputable truths as to how to go about creating transformation in your life. Learn what they are to turn your life around. This workshop is for those wanting to see some sort of 180 degree change in their life. Whether you're feeling stuck, have just found yourself recently divorced, or have simply arrived at a time in your life where you're wanting to see some big changes, this workshop is for you.  Come for a profound day of clarity, empowerment, stillness and a plan to get you going.